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Your Passion, Your Voice: Communicate To Be Heard

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Communicate with greater confidence and ease.

Your Passion, Your Voice: Communicate to Be Heard - Tricia Beck's 2nd Book on Amazon

This communication book is designed for women just starting a career, changing careers, or striving for advancements...

Are you ready to:
  1. Communicate to influence others
  2. Grow confidence and belief in yourself
  3. Increase your earning potential
  4. Make the most of your hard-earned skills
  5. Gain hope for your future
  6. Strengthen your personal and professional relationships
  7. Set yourself apart as someone others want to listen to
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How well you communicate is key to successful careers, profitable businesses, good marriages, and positive parenting.
In this book you'll discover:
  • How to convert your inner critic into your inner champion
  • How to increase your communication confidence
  • How to reprogram fearful thinking
  • How to become an exceptional and empathic listener
  • Simple strategies to create deeper connections and relationships more easily
  • How to improve your ability to create powerful first impressions resulting in better relationships, influence, and leadership skills

Eleven amazing personal stories from women like you who offer their unique perspectives about the transformative power of communication skills.

Each of the four parts of this book includes prompts for your personal journal reflections, making this a more personalized and interactive experience.