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Beck Leadership

Building Foundations for Success

Your Passion, Your Voice: Communicate to be Heard Book by Tricia Beck

Women empowering women
Book Series by Tricia Beck

I'm excited to offer my Women Empowering Women book series:
Both books debuted as a "#1 New Release" on Amazon!

Mentoring Lifts and Inspires Book by Tricia Beck

Mentoring Lifts and Inspires

Are you looking to fast track your professional goals? How about discovering a clearer path for career advancements? Or, increasing your self-confidence to the next level?

Imagine if you had a trusted guide who had your best interest at heart, ready to share a vault of personal experiences. Working with a mentor can empower you to go further, faster, with more joy and fulfillment!

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Your Passion, Your Voice:
Communicate To Be Heard

This communication book is designed for women just starting a career, changing careers, or striving for advancements.

Learn to communicate with greater confidence and ease.

How well you communicate is key to successful careers, profitable businesses, good marriages, and positive parenting.

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Tricia Beck - Beck Leadership

Tricia Beck

Beck Leadership provides a unique learning experience to hone essential soft skills; the habits that open up valuable relationships, position you as a leader and cause you to be remembered.

I help you polish the basics of communicating and dealing with people... two of the greatest challenges everyone faces. Through  positive, learn-by-doing experiences, the Beck Leadership course will spark real results!

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Grow and retain leaders in your organization

Fearless Public Speaking
Strong First Impressions
Remembering Names
Conversation Skills
Exceptional Listening
Beck Leadership March 2020 Grads


Build your organization by offering a unique and valuable education program that will:

  • Present a truly effective professional-development program without having to create it
  • Engage more members in your association or chapter
  • Create non-dues revenue without raising overhead
  • Be branded as YOUR organizations's leadership academy

Beck Leadership will enable participants to:

  • Master the essential skills required for leadership positions
  • Improve communication and social skills
  • Speak more confidently to small or large groups
  • Build a stronger belief in themselves and their abilities to succeed
  • Be well equipped to meet people with confidence that sets them apart
  • Expedite their career goals
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Caring Instructors will coach, mentor and instruct you in the maserty of these essential skills in a very positive, highly interactive setting.
EXPERIENCE the difference!

"How well we communicate ultimately determines the quality of our life." - Anthony Robbins


The Best Version  of YOU!

Like a rubber band, we all fulfill our potential best when we are stretched. In a caring and supportive environment, participants will be challenged  to take risks and explore what they are capable of.  Success inspires new habits.

Make lifelong changes that will positively impact your success right now, and into the future.


What to expect.

Our multiple classroom exercises, spaced repetition, outside assignments, personalized coaching within the class activities, and outside at least once between classes, and accountability reporting in front of peers, is the winning formula for your self discovery!

Classes run 4 hours, for 5 sessions and are held at the training facility of your organization or association.